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In 2012 there was a vision within a local church to have a home where an individual or family that was struggling with addictions and shelter, could have a place to stay. In this home, they would experience the proper healing and freedoms needed to fully recover and restore their self-worth. The church transformed an old workshop on their property into a 2 bedroom home. This home became known as the Hope House. In 2015 a new 501c3 called Hope Center of Rutherford County was formed and the Hope House began to be managed and funded through this organization. In 2017 another home was given to Hope Center to be used as a Hope House. Then, in November 2018, Grace of God Rescue Mission generously gave Hope Center a women's shelter where women could find safe and temporary housing. The shelter became part of the current Hope House program. In December 2018, the name of the organization was changed to Hope Network, but its vision remained the same, to provide 24/7 housing and hope.

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